Our online Pre-Paid Debt Collection Letter allows you to quickly and effectively serve a Debtor with a Debt Collection Agency Demand Letter for a one off fee of $55.00.
By filling in the form below and selecting the options applicable to you, a 7 day Demand Notice will be issued to the Debtor on our Agencies Letter Head, instructing payment be made directly to you to avoid further Recovery Action.


If further Recovery Action is required, you will receive a request from our office providing a fee agreement for additional Recovery Services and seeking your authority to proceed. Additional Recovery Services will only proceed upon your written authority.

Try it today, for a small fee, you have nothing further to lose.


  • Take Action – Show your serious, issue a letter of demand today.
  • Effective – a demand letter from a Debt Collection Agency is far more powerful than a letter or statement with an “overdue sticker” repeatedly issued by you.
  • We keep you informed – You are cc all written correspondence for your own records and kept informed of any contact made by the Debtor.
  • Value – Regardless of the amount you are chasing, all you will pay for this letter is $55.00, this could be all you need to invest to recover what’s owing to you.
  • Ongoing Support – Should further Recovery Action be required, our specialised Team of Licensed and Qualified Commercial Agents will assist with further action.